Recipes for November, 2009

Telling stories is great in the classroom. Add a little “imagination” and chance and you have a great recipe! Story Dominoes is a great concept. Just get a lot of varying pictures. Cut them up and students in groups of three/four, use them to tell “random” stories. One student turns over a card to begin. […]

Exposing students to a wide range of accents of both native and second language speakers is a recipe that must be cooked up for intermediate and advanced learners. One great place for this would be The Speech Accent Archive . There you can choose mp3 samples from speakers all over the world. They all read […]

I’m a big fan of student created content. That’s my own term for resources which aren’t from the textbook but from the student’s own aprior knowledge, world and mind. Personalized teaching. Students create the materials for learning/practicing English. In doing so, they are more interested in the topic because it is from themselves and also […]

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