Recipes for September, 2009

This is an excellent writing exercise, getting students to increase the length of their sentences and beginning to use clauses. Write a simple sentence on the board. Students copy it. Ex. The dog ran.  Ask the students questions and the students after each question must rewrite the sentence, answering the question. Ex. Where? The dog […]

This is a nice game to play to practice describing people (an important language skill). Simply put up this photo. or this one. Print it out if you want students to work in pairs / groups. Students take turns describing the faces and others guess who it is . One guess / person so they […]

Money makes the world go round and it also makes a teacher’s job easy and students very interested! When you play a game, instead of keeping score with boring marks on the chalkboard, use play money! Download some HERE. Cut and crumple up and put in a big bag. Appoint one student the banker who […]

  This is a very simple way to brainstorm and practice    vocabulary. Alphabet organizing!   Simply use this handy organizer and get the students to list all the vocab for a certain topic (at the beach, at the restaurant, animals, jobs etc…). Afterwards, you can use this for assessment or simply play a game of […]

This is a wonderfully simple communicative activity. Get a pile of nice magazine pictures. Next, tear or cut them into twos. Enough halves for the number of students in your classroom. Then, give each student half a picture. They have to walk around the class describing their picture and finding their torn “match”. Once they […]

  Everyone loves to brag, so this lesson recipe works every time with a variety of levels and ages. It also allows students to use their own “lexicon” and thus practice producing language rather than just “acquiring”. It really helps fluency. Write on the board:   My …… is …….er / more ….. than your…..!    […]

              The weather is a standard topic and beyond reviewing the vocabulary (which you can do with this powerpoint I made ) , you can really do it communicatively by getting students to do / practice weather reports! After going through the vocabulary and asking students “What’s the weather […]

There are many ways to teach writing but one way that I really think provides enough structure for beginning and developing writers is guided writing. Give students a text with words missing (usually nouns). In groups or pairs they can complete the text together, guessing the words to be filled in. Better yet, if the […]

   This is a classic TPR game (Total Physical   Response) and gets the students up and participating, as well as learning actively. The teacher (or a student(s)) instructs other students to do certain actions. Ex.  Simon says, “Touch your nose”! or Simon says, “jump up and down”. If the caller doesn’t say “Simon says” and […]

 An Activity with a Cell Phone   This activity was done in a workshop for teachers of English working at the DGEP (Direccion General de Escuelas Preparatorias), high school teachers of English.   The activity was to show a simple but effective way to use cell phones in the language classroom.   Steps: The class […]

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