Recipes for July, 2009

  2 Way Tasks are a staple of English Language Teaching. In the typical 2 way task, each student (A and B) have some information and some information missing. they must communicate to fill in their missing information. Here are some , examples of 2 way tasks, I put together. Very teacher friendly, just photocopy […]

Grammar poems are ways for students to review lesson content and also express themselves and start really noticing language. Students that notice language really develop into great language learners. Write the grammar poem outline on the board and do a grammar poem together as a class. Here is one example. Get others HERE on EFL […]

This is a great way to get students communicating authentically! You can start each class with some spins of the wheel! Get Spin the Question HERE on EFL Classroom 2.0. Just spin and the students must ask a question for that number. Who / What / How / Why / Where etc…. Another variation is […]

Short videos like those on Youtube or EFL Classroiom, are perfect “engaging” starters for great language learning. Here are some suggestions on how to use videos which have vocabulary in them, like this favorite, the Elephant Song. [youtube]8cBtid-v_JE[/youtube] Play the video and give students a task. This is so important! The task must be VERY […]

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0 I am a BIG fan of not only teaching English but teaching thinking skills. We have to do both (and always spice with happiness!). This game really gets students thinking and you’ll be amazed at their creative minds and answers! 1.  Practice the song above, “One […]

  Stories are great in the classroom. A good narrative, really provides ideal context to learn language, even better if they have pictures. The best and easiest way to “teach” a story is to tell it through prediction. Get the students in a comfortable area if possible and read them the book, showing the pictures. […]

Retelling is a powerful way for students to learn language. They retell in their own words and using the context of “the story”, acquire language. 1.  Photocopy these stories (I like to use funny stories with a punchline but you could use any stories, folktales work well too) and give one to a student (one […]

1º  Choose two articles related to the same topic (eg. music).  Teacher dictates some personal questions related to music.  In pairs, students discuss their ideas. 2º  Students in pairs are given two different articles(they can’t see each other’s articles).  They have to draw what their articles are about.  Once they have finished, swap their drawings […]

Soccer is an international game and all kids are crazy about it – even girls! Whiteboard soccer is a great way to make review and quizzes fun.     Draw a soccer pitch on the board. A magnet will be the ball. Divide the class into two teams. If you want to do it all the […]

Children, especially young boys, love cars! Pop up cars are great for talking about colors and car vocabulary. Get the children coloring their cars and then cut them out, fold and show and tell to the whole class! They will love their cars! Get the pop up cars on EFL Classroom 2.0 , here. The […]

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